Four reasons to use English DNA 

1. English DNA begins at the beginning

When you learned to speak your first language as a baby you were not handed vocabulary lists. Nobody asked you to memorize verb agreements, or to parse a sentence. Instead you listened and like a sponge absorbed the unique sound patterning underpinning the language you were hearing. Over time that language became comfortable. It felt, and sounded “right”. It was “home”. That's the learning experience English DNA carefully and systematically replicates.  

2. Students make faster progress

English DNA is designed to help students master the complete sound structure of English in just a few weeks. That means faster progress in the classroom!

3. It requires very little effort

Each learning session takes only a few minutes. Students can use their smart phones to "tune their ears to English" while commuting to school or in other free moments. The sessions are built around simple word recognition — a painless game-like exercise requiring little effort. The more sessions they do, the quicker you'll see improvements.  

4. English DNA boosts student's learning ability

English DNA builds the cognitive foundation needed to rapidly acquire a large vocabulary. ( Read about the scientific research underpinning the app's development.)


Help for Chang Mei Li - English DNA in action

Chang Mei Li

Chang Mei Li is 18 and lives in Beijing. She is 1 of 2 billion people around the world trying to learn English; fast becoming a necessity through increasing globalization.

Despite 8 years of English classes Mei Li has a really big problem

Mei Li wants to study in the UK but after 8 years of English classes, she knows less than 2,000 words. British teenagers entering university know upwards of 60,000 English words. Mei Li needs to know at least 5,000 to 10,000 words to read her university textbooks. She has a really big problem. How will English DNA help solve it?