For many people, us included , it's holiday season. Whether you're "dashing through the snow in a one horse open sleigh" and tucked up warm against the cold, or like us sweltering under a summer sun looking for the nearest tree for shelter and shade, we hope you're enjoying a restful and rejuvenating break away from your work-a-day world.

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Holidays! Finally there's time to consider new ideas

When you're immersed in the day-to-day reality of teaching, ie the relentless round of preparing for classes, teaching, then marking, there's often very little time, or inclination, to consider new ideas. However a break in the regular routine is the perfect place to investigate something new. We recommend making space to investigate English DNA. Your students will thank you for it.


What is English DNA?

In brief, English DNA is scientifically researched and a powerful supplementary brain training app to speed up English language acquisition. We know it is the perfect support for English as a Second Language (ESL) students, and think you will too, once you've taken the time to test drive it.

(Yes, we're passionate about it!)


The benefits of using English DNA 

There are two principal advantages to using English DNA.

  1. It trains the brain to recognise, retain and recall the most frequently used sound patterns and structures in the English language.
  2. The training makes the learning process quicker and easier. 

The combination of focused brain training AND less stress makes using English DNA with your students highly desirable!


 Find out more

We understand that as teachers you have a professional responsibility to ensure your students are given only the best of learning resources.

Use these links to find out more about English DNA.

And if you'd like to talk to us personally we'd be delighted if you got in touch. 


Have a wonderful holiday!

*Availability and devices

English DNA is currently only available from the Apple App store. To use it you will need an iPhone 5 (or newer).