Or perhaps you have more advanced students who are falling behind in their efforts to learn English?

Would you like an opportunity to boost their ability to learn English?

We are conducting a small preliminary study for such students using a self-paced iPhone app (“English DNA”).

English DNA app

The app is designed to enhance students' ability to pick up new English word forms "on the fly" – i.e. as they hear them in the classroom. Research has shown that picking up and remembering new words requires fast neural processing of the incoming sequence of sounds and an unconscious (or intuitive) understanding of the structure of English words. The app trains English learners to speed up recognition of the most common patterns in English words.

The app has been designed to help students quickly "pick up" and retain new word forms even after hearing them only once. Developing this skill requires practice, however.

The app provides this sort of practice and is very simple to use. It presents typical English words (that the student is unlikely to know) via earphones and asks the student if they have heard them before. The student presses a Yes or No button in response. When the word is presented again the app monitors how long it takes the student to recognise it (in milliseconds) and continues to present the words at (later times) until they can be processed and recognised at near-native speed.

How to take part

If you wish to take part in this study, your student(s) will need access to an iPhone 5 (or newer). Instruct the student to simply download the app (for free) from Apple's AppStore and encourage them to use it several times a day during any periods of downtime. The student only needs to use it for a couple of minutes at a time and can interrupt a learning session at any time.

Tell us what you think about the app

After some weeks of use, we would like to collect any informal comments you may have about your student's response to the app, and whether you (or the student) believes it it has been helpful.

We would be happy to receive any comments via email or you can use our feedback form which you will find here:

Ask your questions, contact us

If you have questions about the app, for example how to use it, about how to get a license to use it in your programme, or anything else, please contact us. We'd be delighted to discuss any aspect of English DNA and are looking forward to hearing from you!