Help! Where is the replay button?

Why can't I listen to the word again?

Why doesn't the word I'm listening to appear on the screen?

We've been testing English DNA and these are some of the responses we got.

All of them are completely normal reactions.

English-DNA requires students to hear English words they don't know. When are replayed later the student must answer the question - "How familiar do these words sound?".  Beginning English students can find this quite challenging as their memory for English words is still undeveloped. English-DNA helps students build this essential memory capacity.

Of course, we all have a very powerful drive to understand what we are listening to, and if we're being tested, we want to get the highest scores possible. Tolerating or accepting the experience of “not knowing” is difficult.

And yet here's the irony! Adding a replay button allowing a user to hear the word again before responding would defeat the purpose of English DNA - as would having each word spoken appear on the screen.

The value of English DNA is in the way it trains a user's ears to recognize the sounds of English. Repetition gradually tunes them until the sounds they hear are familiar and instantly recognized.

Seeing the words written will not speed that process up. Neither will a replay button.

We understand learning a new language is a challenge for most people. Stepping out into a foreign soundscape where nothing, or very little, of what they hear makes sense can be bewildering. As an adult being as vulnerable as a small child is when they're learning their first language can be uncomfortable. That's exactly why English DNA is valuable.

English DNA replicates reality. To become competent English speakers our ears have to instantly recognize the sounds of English words which means training our brains to remember and discriminate between them.

Sound recognition is the first requirement in learning a new language. Meaning is the second. English DNA enables its users to establish a solid “sound” foundation. That in turn speeds up the process of acquiring vocabulary and using the language correctly.

Would you like to try English DNA?