Answers to common questions about using the app

  1. How many words are in English DNA?
    There are 500 carefully selected words.  They've been chosen because they represent the commonest sound patterns found in the English language.  To help you successfully recognize and remember them the English DNA algorithm will ensure you hear each one as many times as you need.
  2. What is a session?
    A session is defined by the number of words you select to hear each time you use English DNA. You may choose 20, 35 or 50 on the settings screen.  For a short session, approximately 1 minute long, choose 20 words. For a longer session choose 35 or 50 words. You can change the number of words you hear anytime you like. 

  3. What does the % score mean?
    The % shows how many words you accurately recognize as you progress through a session. The final % score covers the whole session.

  4. How often do I need to use English DNA to make progress?
    To make good progress complete as many sessions of English DNA as you can everyday. The more you do the quicker, and more easily, you will recognize and remember the sounds of English.
  5. Will English DNA teach me to speak English?
    No. English DNA trains your brain to recognize and retain the unique sound patterns of English. It puts down a receptive foundation which makes learning and speaking English easier.

  6. What happens if I click the reset button?
    All your results will be erased.

  7. How do I contact EDNA?
    Email us from

  8. How do I provide feedback about the app?
    Send us a message from

  9. Is there any scientific research behind this app?
    Yes. Please visit for an overview of the science behind English DNA.


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