What is English DNA

English DNA is a very simple but highly specific and scientifically researched app to make learning English a whole lot easier for non-native speakers. 

The app mimics the way we learned our mother tongue. Whether our first language was Chinese, French or Icelandic, the process of learning it was the same.  From the time we could hear we were absorbing the sound patterns that would become the basic building blocks of our oral or spoken language. 

Therefore if we are born into an English speaking culture, the sound sequences of English are deeply embedded, familiar and comfortable. They feel natural - right in our ears and in our mouths. 

However when we change the language the experience is very different. The sound patterns are often alien and hard to learn. It's difficult because the shape and feel of the language is foreign to us. We have no comfortable prior learning or memory bank to refer to. There is no map. It's a new terrain to the brain and the fewer the similarities between our mother tongue and the language we are trying to acquire, the harder it is. 

English DNA is the bridge linking English language learners with the part of their brains that laid down the foundations of their mother tongue. Our app will significantly reduce the training time required to attain competence.